Believe in YOU

Creative Writing is really about believing in yourself!

8 Reasons Why You’re Already A Better Creative Writer Than You Think 

The biggest single factor in determining the quality and volume of creative writing you produce is not what you first think. 

Do you believe that you’re not a talented writer, not a gifted writer? It dosn’t matter! Those aren’t the people who generate the best stories, poems, books, etc. 

It’s that box that you and culture have surrounded you with, boxed you in – that barrier of limiting beliefs. But there is a simple “trick” that lets you step out of the box. Just do it. Believe that you are a competent creative writer, do it and voila! You ARE a creative writer!

By increasing your self-belief in your abilities as a creative writer you can take your writing to new levels in both quality and quantity. By overcoming those established limiting beliefs you can grow.
Here are 8 reasons why you’re ALREADY a better creative writer than you think you are: 
1. You have lived a unique life. No one else has lived the exact same life as you. No one else has experienced the same experiences. Your perspective on the world is unique – how could it be otherwise? Other people (potential readers) out there are keen to hear YOUR unique way of seeing things. You have only to capture your thoughts for them. 
2. You’ve already written millions of words. That’s the equivalent of a shelf full of novels! Think about everything you’ve written in your lifetime so far, every time you’ve put word to screen or page. Add it all up – way more than you thought, isn’t it? 
3. The very fact that you’re here, reading this article suggests that deep down inside, you have the desire, you have the spark, you have the quest. You’re eager to learn more. Likely, you’ve read other material on creativity, and you’re likely to read many more in the future. Face up to the facts – you’re interested! 
4. You have plenty of ideas on the verge of being turned into creative writing. Think of all the ideas you’ve had! What will it take to actually explore them to their natural conclusion? How often do you have a great idea and let it escape before you can write it down? Does it even occur to you to write them down? There’s no limit to the creative writing ideas you’re able to produce. Develop the habit of capturing them. 
5. Othes already see you as a creative person. Your audience has spoken! This is a common occurrance and it have a copule of nuances. First, people ask you for help – help that you know you can provide. Second, implied in the request is their respect for your talent. Here’s where the rub comes in. When you decide to believe in your self, when you decide to believe in your own abilities and you accept that deeply – then you can take in the implied compliment with grace. When you really don’t believe in YOU, when you insist on retaining that limiting belief – you brush off the compliment, you dismiss it. Climb out of that pit – believe in YOU.

6. Think about how many different lives you’ve already lived. You’ve been a child, a daughter or a son. You’ve been a pupil, a student. You’ve been a friend, a partner, a lover. You’ve rejoiced and you’ve suffered. You’ve traveled and you’ve observed – and what you’ve observed is unique to you. All of these lives intertwine and gives you a totally unique viewpoint. You can use this to enrich your creative writing, and make it real and truthful, open, vulnerable and authentic. 
7. You may not have noticed but you come up with creative ideas all the time. I know that and I haven’t even met you! We have to to survive in the world. Daily life is constantly throwing curve balls at us and just as constantly, we have to be creative to deal with those surprises. If it weren’t like that, life would be boring. You regularly have to take something you learned on one of your lives and bring it to bear on some need in another context, another life. You are constantly creating and inventing things and processes and perspectives that never existed before. Add in a little belief in YOU and you can channel that creativity into your writing!

8. You’re on the verge regularly. When a good thought comes along, create the awareness and the discipline to stop in the middle of a mundane task and capture a line, write a paragraph, spin a page or two – use the words that come to you. Your body, your intuition has the content ready for you – you have only to quiet your mind, listen and capture what it says. It’s ready to go – are you ready to believe in YOU and start making it happen. You don’t need to have the entire structure of the Great American Novel ready before you start – start now!

9. I know – I said 8 – but this is a bonus. Do it! The way to create a habit is to practice. To start creative writing means to start creative writing. Listen to your thoughts. When an interesting one comes along, don’t judge it – just stop and write it down. Over time you’ll get better at recognizing the really good ones. Over time your mind will get better at revealing the really good ones to you. Just do it.